A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Basically - this is a proof of concept of a node based world generation library I'm working on for my indie studio, to create any planet-based game which I'll come up with.

Keep in mind, that it was basically beaten with a hammer just to feat into the deadline of the jam, so everything is a bit weird
You connect nodes in lua file called wiring.lua in Mods\CoreMod\Wiring

You setup tags in Tags.lua

You create expressions that determin if it is possible to set a tag in tags_expressions.lua

The only component that you have is Climate component. In future it will support plugins for more data to be available, or some sort of component scripting

It works like that:

Primite data (usually arrays) -> Gameobject - Slots (they gather data) -> Slots with tags assigend -> slots replaced by actual objects based on tags assigned.

Search wiring.lua to play with input data.

Controls -

UpArrow \ DownArrow - chose visualizer

WASD - move camera

EQ - change orthogonal size

Escape - quit

Install instructions

Just unzip archives and you OK. Haven't tested in on Mac and Linux, so I have no idea if it work on your system.


Build Linux.zip 12 MB
Build.zip 9 MB
Build_Mac.zip 11 MB


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Seems like a neat idea, solid start. I included it in my ProcJam compilation video series, if you'd like to check it out :)